This week I had the opportunity to attend SwanseaCon, where software development insiders united to share knowledge and wisdom.

As a designer I’ve been to many design-related events and meet-ups, so it was great to check-in with a development based event.

It was great to see how the software industry works and there was some deep and insightful talks. This friendly community of developers, testers and managers are very passionate about their work and work process.

As well as seeing some familiar faces it was nice to meet new people from all over the UK and overseas, many of which who meet at various events all year round.

One thing that caught my attention was the ‘sketchnoting’ during the talks which was fully encouraged by Stephen Mounsey, a software engineer and agile/scrum coach from Leeds.

During the talks at the conference, Stephen and others could be seen at the back of the room sketching visual notes based on what the speakers were talking about. It would be awesome to see sketchnoting happening more at design-related events.

SwanseaCon was a fantastic event very well organised by Viv Richards and I definitely would recommend it to anyone working or keen on working in the software industry.

See the brochure and banners I designed and printed for the conference here.

The conference was held on 25th-26th September 2017.

Photos by: AT Photography